Monitoring Tools
Given the challenge associated with the search for the right dose, it is critical to monitor symptoms daily through a standard approach, to detect changes in symptoms. This is key to B1 therapy.

Above is a list of some instruments and approaches to self-monitor specific symptoms, to detect improvement or worsening of symptoms. The large majority of these tools have been tested.

Unfortunately, although suitable for use by the patients themselves, these tools are often made available by their developers only to health professionals or researchers, upon permission request.

Spreadsheets can also be used. There are two tutorials we have prepared to monitor symptom response to vitamin B1. One tutorial refers to a spreadsheet programme to enter symptom scores daily; the programme will automatically generate charts showing trends over time (tutorial 1). Another tutorial shows how to create a spreadsheet from scratch (tutorial 2).

The frequency of monitoring symptoms during the process of searching for the right dose depends on the tool used. It is likely that monitoring most of the symptoms daily may be helpful, while tools such as the MDS-UPDRS (Movement Disorder Society – Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale) and the “Pull test” could be used less frequently, e.g. once a week or every two weeks. The pages in this section explore the tools.

Text author: Sergio Pièche
Page updated - 18/10/23