Costantini made large use of videos to monitor response to B1 therapy. These videos had high practical clinical value. Medical staff could view them at the next follow-up visit to compare current symptom conditions with those of the previous visit, in addition to their clinical charts notes. Morever, the videos were shown also to the PwP themselves who could see the initial symptom improvements that otherwise would often have been missed by them.

As smartphones are commonly available, PwP and their caregivers can easily take short videos at weekly intervals to document effects of therapy. This was highly recommended by Costantini.

Changes in signs such as tremors, slowness of movement, posture, gait problems, swinging of arms while walking, masked face, small handwriting, pull test can be easily captured in videos, as shown in Antonio Costantini Youtube channel [external link].

Text author: Sergio Pièche
Page updated - 24/04/23