Searching for the right thiamine (B1) dose is a process which requires careful monitoring and experienced support. Health care providers who are familiar with it can provide invaluable assistance.

PwP often wants to move fast, not ready to closely follow the steps of the process. It is common to observe PwP starting many different treatments at the same time, with the hope that “something will work”. This is understandable but it makes it impossible to assess the effects of treatment.

The process to find the right dose is an essential step as, once it has been established that there is a response to a therapy, one can try and add another treatment to see if symptoms improve further.

PD symptoms can make one feel miserable and drain caregivers. However, being patient can pay back. Getting support from a reliable and trained source plays therefore a key role in treatment.

Text author: Sergio Pièche
Page updated - 24/04/23