The Book, e-Book and Audiobook -
Parkinson's and the B1 Therapy
by Daphne Bryan PhD

There are several language editions currently available and this is always growing. We announce new language editions first in our Facebook group and then update this page with the latest information.
I stumbled across this book soon after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It is easy to understand yet detailed enough. Reading it has changed my life.
WT, Oregon
A must read guide book. It is well written, informative, organized and easy to follow.
JF, London
The B1 Protocol suggested in this book gave astonishing results. In the first three months of gradually increasing doses, I watched my physical symptoms wane, my mood lift and my energy increase.
KB, Glasgow
The B1 therapy has made a positive difference to my husband who suffers from Parkinson’s. Simply put we find this book extremely useful and very empowering.
TS, Melbourne
The book is laid out in such a simple fashion, easy to read and understand.
SP, Rome
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Kindle Versions are available too
A Kindle version, which makes good companion to the book, is also available from the same website. You can use it on laptop, tablet, mobile and take it with you wherever you go.
Listen to the Audiobook version of Daphne Bryan's book, narrated by Anna Crowe, to enjoy it when you are too busy to read, like when you are commuting to work or busy cooking, or you simply want to rest your eyes and concentrate on the book's key points. Another way to assimilate the main points of the B1 therapy in Parkinson's.

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Page updated - 29/08/23