Introduction to the interview series, 13 Nov 2022
Introducing Daphne Bryan, who is the author of the book “Parkinson’s and the B1 Therapy”, written to share her experience with B1 and guide persons with Parkinson's Disease on B1 (High Thiamine Dose) Therapy.


Introducing the B1 therapy protocol, 8 Dec 2022
This 10-minute interview with Daphne Bryan focuses on the B1 protocol in Parkinson's, the search for the “sweet spot” (right dose), routes of administration, time to symptom improvement, safety.


Q&A, session 1, 28 Dec 2022
This Question and Answer (Q&A) session with Daphne Bryan includes questions that have been posted on the Parkinson’s B1 Therapy Facebook group and focus on the B1 Protocol. They touch on such issues as B1 therapy and levodopa; vitamin B1 and dopamine production; changes of thiamine dosage in B1 therapy over time; high dose thiamine in other conditions than Parkinson’s; Diabetes, Parkinson’s and thiamine; and sublingual B1.


My Story, 13 Jan 2023
In this interview, Daphne recounts her story when she started B1 therapy, using this as an opportunity of giving some key messages on how to decide which dose of thiamine to take, how to notice signs of improvement, the no-role of lab tests, the role of B1 therapy as an adjunct therapy, the need to continue current therapy, including levodopa, and finally her neurologist’s attitude towards her symptom improvements and B1 therapy.


Monitoring symptoms, 3 Feb 2023
In this interview, Daphne answers questions on monitoring of symptoms during the trial and error phase of the B1 therapy protocol, when searching for the right dose of B1- including the MDS-UPDRS instrument, how to recognise overdose symptoms, RBD (REM sleeping behaviour disorder), the question about non-responders to B1, high dose B1 side effects and magnesium in B1 therapy. At the end of the interview, an exceptional video shows the impact of B1 therapy on a special performance.

Elliot Overton’s interview with Daphne Bryan, 17 Oct 2022
This video has been produced by Elliott Overton, EONUTRITION & Objective Nutrients.
After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over twelve years prior, Daphne Bryan was told that there was no way to halt the progression of this condition. In 2017, she was introduced to the work of the late Italian neurologist Dr Antonio Costantini, who pioneered the use of mega-dose vitamin B1 (thiamine) as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Although not a cure, he and his team treated over 2,500 patients with thiamine and witnessed excellent results far beyond what could be achieved using traditional medications. A few months after starting B1, she eventually noticed that many of her Parkinson's symptoms had all but resolved. After networking with many others who were also seeing similar improvements, it became clear that this therapy held great promise despite it being mostly unknown. Through the years, Daphne has gained precious insight into the practical application of thiamine for Parkinson's and recently published a book which outlines Costantini's approach and focuses on providing detailed guidance on how to use this therapy from a layman's perspective.

No silver bullet for Parkinson’s interview with Daphne Bryan – by Michel Plank, 18 Jul 2022
This video has been produced by No Silver Bullet 4 PD.
An excellent interview with Daphne Bryan, author of the book "Parkinson's and the B1 therapy", explains this very interesting treatment. In 2011, the Italian neurologist Dr. Antonio Costantini began treating his Parkinson’s patients with high doses of vitamin B1. As a result, he saw many of their symptoms improve, with no obvious progression of the disease over the five years he worked with them. Daphne Bryan outlines the research and the theories in her book ‘Parkinson’s and the B1 therapy’ and talks about the therapy’s protocol, its difficulties, and its successes. Daphne Bryan is a musician and a teacher and has a doctorate in music psychology. In 2010, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Her first book “Music as Medicine, particularly in Parkinson’s” explores how music can be used to reduce symptoms. In 2017 she read of Dr. Costantini’s work and decided to try the B1 therapy herself. Within a few months, she realised that she had lost most of her Parkinson’s symptoms. The improvements have remained to the present day. After advising people on how to adopt the therapy on a FaceBook group, she decided to bring together all the information Dr. Costantini had left and write a book which would explain the available research and provide a handbook on the protocol. Daphne lives in Scotland with her husband.

Experience with B1 therapy in Parkinson's with Ms Pala, Dr Costantini's Head Nurse
An exclusive interview on B1 therapy and Dr Costantini with Mrs Pala, formerly Head Nurse of Dr Costantini’s Neurologic Rehabilitation Dept. at Villa Immacolata, Viterbo, Italy. She recounts her personal experience with B1 and the remarkable effects on fatigue, and talks about the first person with Parkinson’s treated with B1 by Dr Costantini. She gives a “portrait” of Dr Costantini, describing his dedication and human rapport with his patients, relationship with his staff, scientific curiosity and intuition, and approach to placing the “patient” at the centre of the attention.

The interview is in Italian, but English subtitles can be activated, selecting ENGLISH UK edited option (not the "autogenerate" English unedited version).

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