A fund-raising drive is ongoing to finance a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial (RCT) to determine the safety and dose-dependent efficacy of high-dose thiamine (B1) in Parkinson’s Disease.

RCTs are currently considered the gold standard in research in the medical field.

The RCT will provide the evidence on the effectiveness of the HDT (B1) therapy protocol that the international health community is waiting for, to make it acceptable to the scientific community and available to the millions of People with Parkinson’s Disease.

More information on the methodology and other details on the RCT is available in the Research pages of this website.
The HDT Foundation is responsible for this campaign. Marco Colangeli, formerly Dr Costantini’s assistant for the HDT protocol, is the HDT focal point for this purpose. Fund-raising requires the contribution of donors and possibly charity and philanthropy foundations.

Ms Daphne Bryan, author of the book on “Parkinson’s and the B1 therapy”, has very generously donates 100% of her book sales proceeds to this campaign.

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Every contribution is valued and really does help. Please give what you can - thank you.

Text author: Sergio Pièche
Page updated - 24/04/23