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Ms Pala's story
An exclusive interview on B1 therapy and Dr Costantini with Mrs Pala, formerly Head Nurse of Dr Costantini’s Neurologic Rehabilitation Dept. at Villa Immacolata, Viterbo, Italy. She recounts her personal experience with B1 and the remarkable effects on fatigue, and talks about the first person with Parkinson’s treated with B1 by Dr Costantini. She gives a “portrait” of Dr Costantini, describing his dedication and human rapport with his patients, relationship with his staff, scientific curiosity and intuition, and approach to placing the “patient” at the centre of the attention.

The interview is in Italian, but English subtitles can be activated, selecting ENGLISH UK edited option (not the "autogenerate" English unedited version).


Daphne's story
In this video Daphne talks about her Parkinson’s story. A piano teacher with music in her heart, she faces the prospect of not playing piano any more in her life. She retraces those dark moments when she receives the diagnosis of Parkinson’s, then goes through those enlightened by new hope to the most positive time of when she becomes used to her new self and decides to generously share her experience with B1 with as many people as possible, embracing this full-time life project whilst playing Brahms...


Text author: Sergio Pièche
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